A Muslim Student was being bullied at her School, until a Black Girl Stepped in.

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So it was all fine for that girl to be beating up on her and they could just sit laughing at the shit.. yet soon as shord started defending her it’s “HEY STOP”
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18 +1 Greek46 2 months ago

«This black was justified in hitting this jerk white girl.»

6 +1 TheFullBeanz 2 months ago


18 +1 CourtJester 2 months ago

«Atleast this time the black girl was a justified to fight the white heffer, the Muslim girl was not fighting back or trying to defend herself so atleast someone stepped in to do so»

10 +1 Hypocrite2 2 months ago

«We are hypocrites.»

32 +1 Raasbambaduttyclaat 2 months ago

«White girl attacks Muslim, again and again, and it's all quiet giggles.
Black girl retaliates on her behalf and it's a mass outrage - and, out of nowhere, somebody in authority is on the scene in a flash, to step in like Wonder Woman....
Yeah - but prejudice in America is blown out of proportion.