Airport Security Busted Stealing $300 from Passenger and Ramming Bills in Her Mouth.

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A screening officer of the Philippines' Office of Transportation Security (OTS) was caught allegedly stealing $300 dollars from a passenger by ramming the bills into her mouth. The female security officer took the passenger's bag for manual inspection while the passenger walked through an X-ray scanner, according to the Manila Bulletin. CCTV footage from September 8 showed the officer turn away while placing something into her waist area. A report by airport authorities said the officer operating the X-ray machine was seen passing the screening officer a bottle of water - this officer was then seen attempting to swallow the bills. According to the report she was 'clearly seen deliberately swallowing the dollar bills, folded into one small piece', and even ignored a passing passenger who tried to ask her something'. 'She was seen to be having a hard time swallowing the bills despite drinking the bottled water earlier given to her,' the report added. Authorities are now investigating the incident that took place
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