Leftist Thug Shot by Kyle Rittenhouse is Runover in Hit & Run. LOL

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The criminal Paul Prediger, formerly known as Gaige Grosskreutz, chastised Kenosha County Eye for reporting first, that he secretly asked a judge to change his name. Grosskreutz is known for being the man who pointed a gun at then-17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse during the riots of 2020 and was shot for it. Rittenhouse was acquitted of any wrongdoing for shooting the career criminal.

Grosskreutz told the judge in Milwaukee that his name change needed to be secret in order to protect himself from “far right” people who have been threatening his life.

Paul Prediger (Formerly Known As Gaige Grosskreutz) Doing An On-Camera Interview With WISN 12

Although Grosskreutz would have us believe that he is in fear for his life, he couldn’t help himself when he decided to go on WISN 12 ABC news to talk about being run over.

According to WISN12, Grosskreutz suffered a lacerated liver and multiple broken bones. He is trying to raise money on GOFUNDME.
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«I wonder if he still thinks the police should be defunded lol»

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«sometimes 2 wrongs make a right»

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«Karma: it's whats for dinner.»