LMAO: Teacher Deescalates Obese Student Fighting Perfectly by offering Fatso Some Food.

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A wild and someone ridiculous video has gone viral on Twitter(X) showing a big girl beating on another big girl at an unknown high school when out of the left frame comes a teacher with a basket of food to coerce the aggressive fatty to stop her assault.

The technique seemed to have worked but perhaps, next time, just pull the kids apart and suspend the attacker. Let them eat at home for a while.
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14 +1 michealjordan96 2 months ago

«It would have been better she offered her a snickers (like in the snickers "you're not you when your hungry commercials".)....and then the transformed into a normal size good looking girl.
On a serious note,....you can tell that teach has ZERO experience dealing with situations like that.

30 +1 patiochef 2 months ago

«here's some nacho's you fat b^tch, now calm down!»