Mom Went to Son's School & Takes Down the Communist LGBTQ Flag Covering a US Map.

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Description: in the trash it goes!
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0 +1 Bigfootsdick123 1 week ago

«How are they gonna learn about wee wees without thier precious flag»

1 +1 KMDisciples67 1 week ago

«Fuckin God damn right»

0 +1 orlandoworkinpunch 1 week ago

«If this happened anywhere near my classroom. I would have pulled her out by her hair and if she resisted, soaked her in pepper sprey then closed her eyes with my elbows.. fucking cunt needs to leave and take her issues to a board like a normal person.»

4 +1 A_shit_I_dont_give 2 weeks ago

«People in america hate blacks but most blacks hate gays and trannies. So maybe use blacks people ???»

0 +1 orlandoworkinpunch 1 week ago

«@Give_a_shit_I_dont you dont know shit kid.»

0 +1 A_shit_I_dont_give 1 week ago

«@orlandoworkinpunch if you knew shit you would not comment "you don't know shit kid" . You people are lost between hating blacks and jews and wanting chick with dicks but hating gays and queers all the while hating biden but loving Trump but not seeing that those last 79 years american politics hasn't made anyone richer or solved shit. Sheeps all of you.»

32 +1 Grimdark 2 weeks ago

«Excellent work from the black woman, yes they are causing shit in society, but so are the woke, and I'd rather back the blacks, than the fucking woke mother fuckers.»

0 +1 JamesHoffa1 1 week ago

«@Grimdark Seems risky»

26 +1 puffyhatwithfilthysayings 2 weeks ago

«I love a race/gender that a liberal can't touch. I want an army of those.»

54 +1 fatsquirrel 2 weeks ago

«Good on that mom! This homo circus freakshow shits gotta go»

23 +1 Elitex7 2 weeks ago

«Nice kill gays»