DIED SUDDENTLY: THE FULL MOVIE...A Must Watch Please take some time to Watch This to Educate Yourself on the Vaccine

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Description: The film has been seen by millions world wide and translated into dozens of languages.
Here is the film
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0 +1 UKpitbull 1 week ago

«So Im guessing none of these Doctors/emblamlers have refused the Vaccine...
Overhere in the UK,during the 1st round of the Lockdowns people were unable to goto work if their weren.t Vaccinated.
Im assumnig the policy was going on in the States,how can thes people carryon working then?????

4 +1 Itsamadworld 2 weeks ago

«The truth is out... DO NOT BE A SHEEP»

2 +1 HelloMonkeyyy 2 weeks ago

«@Itsamadworld keep taking your lithium»

0 +1 A_shit_I_dont_give 1 week ago

«@HelloMonkeyyy you guys are all gays.»

6 +1 Nanker_Phelge 2 weeks ago

«I thought I was going to see an hour of people dying, wtf.»