HE HAS THE SCRIPT: How did this Guy Predict Aaron Rodgers Injury Hours Before it Happened?

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Description: It's all rigged folks.
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1 +1 NotTriggered 2 weeks ago

«He didn't know.. it's called coincidence.»

4 +1 cpartida 2 weeks ago

«The NFL is scripted. Who's supposed to win, what injuries will occur. Players have come out before in interviews and podcasts and admitted that they will discuss the entire seasons events before it starts.»

1 +1 A_shit_I_dont_give 2 weeks ago

«Give a million monkeys keyboards one of them is going to end up making a coherent sentence .
Tell 100 million people to find the correct 7 number to win a lotto jackpot of 100 million one guy is going to guess correctly.
Throw 1 million chinese or jew against the best universities one or two is going to end up being a Nobel Prize or an Einstein.

5 +1 Anthonyoptimo 2 weeks ago

«The defense failed him after 4 snaps, his Achilles failed him after 39 years.»