Body Camera Video Released In Fatal Police Shooting of Louis Gordon-Hay In Morgan Park

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Description: On August 11, 2023, the Chicago Police Department had two on-duty Chicago police officers in a marked police vehicle observe a confrontation between two individuals. The officers reportedly observed one individual with a firearm in their back pocket. When the officers engaged, the armed individual, 36-year-old Louis C. Gordan-Hay fled, and officers pursued them into a residence. Inside the residence, officers gave verbal commands to drop the weapon, as they struggled over Gordon-Hay’s firearm while Gordon-Hay said to the officers, “kill me.” Gordan-Hay and one of the officers both discharged their weapons, at which time Gordon-Hay was struck and transported to the hospital where he was later pronounced deceased. One of the officers was having a very bad moment after the shooting. A gun was recovered on scene.
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1 +1 cpartida 2 weeks ago

«Not a police shooting. He shot himself. This was a suicide.»

3 +1 Fazer0 3 weeks ago

«What a pussy, crying? Kick him off the force for being too emotional to do his job properly.»

3 +1 Whitemyass 3 weeks ago

«Bro said kill me! so the bro did.»

3 +1 Schade27 3 weeks ago

«Youre gonna check n see if hes alright? Youll have better luck riding a canoe down the river of blood the bullet and his head made.»

2 +1 Dan 3 weeks ago

«Sweet, nice upload»