POV of Double Knockout Racists Twitch Streamer who went Viral for Terrorizing Japanese People gets KNOCKED OUT (Both Videos)

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Description: That is crazy! I hope he learned his lesson. It's never okay to be racist.
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4 +1 Anthonyoptimo 2 weeks ago

«Hiroshima Nagasaki indeed»

4 +1 A_shit_I_dont_give 2 weeks ago

«I love how americans are toxic and go in other countries to fuck with people but always choose women or small men to annoy. Choose a big dude. Be a man.»

4 +1 Sbarllush 3 weeks ago

«who cares of those bullshits??'»

9 +1 Grimdark 3 weeks ago

«Love to see a cunt get their karma served cold, with a clenched fist....not fisting a pussy, although I can imagine he loves to be fisted, whatever the motive.»

0 +1 patiochef 2 weeks ago

«@Grimdark Karma is not some sort of retribution that falls from the sky................only western people think that»