Fearless Soldier Throws Himself on a Drone Bomb that Fell into Their Foxhole

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Description: In a remarkable display of bravery and selflessness, a Ukrainian soldier made the ultimate sacrifice to protect his comrades during a fierce battle against Russian forces. The soldier, whose name is currently undisclosed, threw himself onto a live drone bomb that had fallen into their foxhole, shielding his fellow soldiers from the imminent danger.
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9 +1 cyberfuck556 3 months ago

«proably wanted to end this nightmare by killing himself»

7 +1 HELLRAISER 3 months ago

«"Fearless soldier" Bullshit. They keep trying to boost up these Ukrainians like they are something more than what they are, a pig with lipstick.»

62 +1 Damien-Holland 3 months ago

«I can't tell if those are Ukrainian or Russian. Either way it looks like he happened to crawl onto it by accident, while trying to get away, not on purpose.»

91 +1 graphicism 3 months ago

«Nah I think that guy was just looking for the exit.»