Man Says The Canadian Wildfires are 100% Planned & 15-Minute Cities are Coming

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4 +1 dougrose3333 3 months ago

«lol @ Damien. This coming from a leftie who gleefully perpetuated the covid lie like a good little sheep pushing what daddy govt tells you. Remember when you all blasted anyone who suggested the virus was a lab leak because "science" said it wasn't? Now, turns out, you were wrong. It was....they are kind of quiet now on the issue aren't they? You are pathetic lemmings that'll believe anything papa govt tells you to.»

-26 +1 Damien-Holland 3 months ago

«It figures that you as a rightwinger would believe ANYTHING some random dickhead tells you rather than the scientific community or professionals in crime and firefighting.»

0 +1 Cgqj 3 months ago

«The whole world could be on fire but if the economy is doing OK then it's alright... fake news and fake economics are the behavior control mechanisms of society.»

-5 +1 moeaahmed5 3 months ago

«Must be true if a “Man” said it»

-23 +1 Do-Not-Lie 3 months ago


21 +1 Hackintosh 3 months ago

«Most "wild fires" in California are also planned. F these bastards.»

-8 +1 evisarator 3 months ago

«I hope the world burns..»