Mother Pepper Sprays School Principle after her Son was Bullied on School Bus.

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Description: ELYRIA, Ohio (WEWS/CNN Newsource/WKRC) - A mom wants to tell her side of the story after she was arrested for pepper spraying the principal and assistant principal at an Ohio elementary school.

Surveillance video showed Jessica Houze in a confrontation that led to an altercation between herself and the school principal and assistant principal. According to the school, Houze attempted to enter the school through a nonauthorized door, and was swearing and using aggressive body language with the principal.

Houze said she was frustrated, and that her son with autism was being hit and bullied on the school bus and was never informed.

"My child gets off the bus crying a lot," she told reporters.

The school said Houze tried and enter the school and continued swearing until she ultimately pepper sprayed the principal. The school was placed in a modified lockdown during the incident, which was lifted as the morning went on.

A statement from the school reiterated that no act of violence can be condoned at school to ensure the safety of students and staff at all times.

Houze is facing two felony assault charges and a charge of criminal trespassing.

She said since Tuesday, the school has addressed her son's bullying situation, and while she apologizes for her actions, she does not regret them.

"No, I don't regret it, because I talked to him multiple times. I talked to multiple people at that school to try to get heard for my child."
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«Now you won't get shit, and you have shown your kid to not respect your elders, and authority in school.....that's why we keep going around in fucking circles, parents should know better.»