Serial Killer on the Loose After 6 Women Are Found Dead in Portland,

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Description: Authorities are investigating if the mysterious deaths of six women whose remains were found in and around Portland, Oregon over the past six months are connected and if a serial killer is on the loose. The bodies of 6 women were found within 100 miles of each other on the sides of roads, in the woods or in secluded rural areas from February through last month.
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2 +1 treetop3472 3 months ago

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-4 +1 maxhardcore 3 months ago

«They found corn flake boxes next to the bodies thats why there looking for a cereal killer. Boom boom im here all week.»

-2 +1 Damien-Holland 3 months ago

«As treetop3472 is saying most of you commenting on this site as psychos, morons, and bigots. A disgusting crowd. Can only imagine what you look and sound like in person. Just a bunch of rats.»

21 +1 treetop3472 3 months ago

«Most of these are rude and insensitive comments!
But you pricks will change your tone real fast once
it's one of your family members! How would you like
if your sister or wife or girlfriend were found murdered
and some anonymous asshole in a forum or on the
street says, 'OH, so sorry she is dead, but she was one
of the UGLY ones anyway.' Would you feel emboldened
to voice any more stupidity?? You morons would be so
upset you wouldn't know what to do with yourselves!

-1 +1 eastbrown 2 months ago

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0 +1 LifeSucksInAnAlienMatrix 2 months ago

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0 +1 LifeSucksInAnAlienMatrix 2 months ago

«@treetop3472 Don't get me wrong though... I'm all for shock websites, and I don't believe any GOREY video should be censored, because people **NEED** to know what the world is like, but I'm just saying... a lot of reptilians come here, and they're the ones that are always writing the scummiest shit.»

-11 +1 Cgqj 3 months ago

«probably a greater idaho conservative that doesn't like women»

7 +1 _e5 3 months ago

«About time someone started cleaning up that shithole!»

17 +1 Parkins 3 months ago

«When a couple more turn up, they may reconsider defunding the police.»

-8 +1 LogarithmicSp1r4l 3 months ago


17 +1 CleverName 3 months ago

«This guy should be given a medal. Fuck Portland.»

21 +1 Nathan_Arizona 3 months ago

«6 less Lib voters. A good start.»