JUSTIFIED? Dude Hits Girl after She Hit Him First.... He Then Gets Jumped.

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Description: What are your thoughts can you hit a girl that hits you?
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17 +1 FreeAccount8008 3 months ago

«To all those faggots jumping that guy, youse lot are gonna get yourselves seriously injured or killed over some pussy one day. For example, good luck when that guy finds you on your own.»

11 +1 evisarator 3 months ago

«If a woman ever hits me i'm gonna use self defense.. That goes 4oldpeoplekidsandeverythingelse ..»

32 +1 wickedasitseems 3 months ago

«Look at the black kid acting like he's horrified about a guy hitting a girl.»

23 +1 Grimdark 3 months ago

«He held back, but regardless she hit him first, so he has the upper hand (no pun intended)»

-24 +1 Damien-Holland 3 months ago

«How hard I'd react to a female that hits me depends on how much force she is using. I think reacting to a fist with a slap or a push is reasonable. As a man it's important not to overdo it -- striking her as hard as you can with a fist would not be justifiable she's just a weak female.»