12 Year Old Student Strangled Unconscious While Teacher Did Nothing

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Description: From The Publica-A mother in Henderson, Texas is desperate for answers after her child was brutally assaulted in class while a teacher was present.

The horrific incident took place at Henderson Middle School on February 28, just two weeks before students were released for spring break.

The Publica has been provided a copy of a formal grievance submitted to the school district by the child’s mother, which outlines that she was not informed about the assault for almost one week after it took place.

According to the complaint, the incident began when 12-year-old Kevin* was sent to in-school suspension (ISS) after being caught playing with another student in the bathroom. As per school district policy, Kevin’s mother was immediately informed about his ISS, which was to take place in a special classroom.

Though ISS is a period of disciplined study, the classroom was reportedly under very little supervision when Kevin arrived, with the substitute aide allowing students to do as they pleased with minimal oversight.

According to the grievance, Kevin was speaking with other students in the room when another boy overheard their conversation and did not like one of the jokes being exchanged. The boy, whose identity cannot be revealed, began attacking Kevin, chasing him around the room.

CCTV footage has been obtained by The Publica showing Kevin running from the other boy until his hoodie was grabbed from behind and he was thrown to the ground.

The violence continued to escalate, with assailant then straddling Kevin, who was on the floor, and strangling him.

In the footage, the 12-year-old is seen going limp as he weakens from a lack of oxygen. The entire time, the substitute aide is in the room and watching the assault without intervening. At one point, the aide is seen calling for help, at which point Kevin goes unconscious.

But despite the horrific attack, Kevin’s family was not informed about what happened.
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