WHOOPS: Ukrainian Soldiers Shoot Each Other

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Description: Found footage lifted off a GoPro on a Ukrainian soldier in Bakhmut shows them accidentally taking each other out in an apparent friendly fire incident.
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11 +1 gAyROD12 3 months ago

«Ukraine is corrupt»

13 +1 evisarator 3 months ago

«I like watching nazis kill each other»

-4 +1 Monsterfrank 4 months ago

«Sorry Bob .that's OK Billy»

-30 +1 Salinan 4 months ago

«i sincerely hope as much Ukranians, Russians and Europeans die»

-7 +1 Nathan_Arizona 4 months ago

«Russians and Ukrainians are all fuckin' idiots.»

-21 +1 tomeyboo 4 months ago

«You know you can look it up and see that it was proven to be fake like a day ago...»

20 +1 cyberfuck556 4 months ago

«why not scream out what side your on, i would have said "hey we are ukrainains dont shoot" is this really a friendly fire incident???»

0 +1 VeryFamous123 4 weeks ago

«@cyberfuck556 tell me you have never been in battle without telling me»