A Glimpse inside a Single Mother Household Raising a Teen Boy.

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Description: This sad video shows the challenges a single black female has in raising a young, black male today.

The teen has a problem with boundaries and discipline. The teen is clearly violent as he threatens to assault the mother with his razor scooter because she wouldn't let him outside until he cleaned his room. He eventually breaks a window as he loses control.

This is clearly the biggest issue facing blacks in urban areas, the absence of a father figure to discipline then properly.
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7 +1 -1 cyberfuck556 2 weeks ago

«that boy a little bitch for beating on his mom. he really needs his ass whooped he needs to get beat the fuck up»

9 +1 -1 Watchywatcherson7 2 weeks ago

«I’m a single mom to a teen boy, and I GUARANTEE he doesn’t act like that!! He’ll end up in and out of jail, thinking he’s a badass, when in reality he’s just a punk.»

15 +1 -1 BlackRoseBean 2 weeks ago

«There's an easy way to adjust that attitude but unfortunately we live in a world of pussy cunts that wouldn't allow this kid to get his fucken lights knocked clean out as a lesson.»