Woman Runs Over Her Cheating Husband and His Mistress With Her SUV

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Description: Video footage of a previously investigated incident has been released, revealing a furious wife crashing her BMV truck into her husband and his mistress, leaving the neighbors in a state of shock.

Christie-Lee Kennedy, the wife in question, can be seen driving down the street at a high speed and colliding with the two victims who were embracing each other. Kennedy then exits her vehicle and proceeds to strike the mistress on the head.

However, contrary to expectations, Judge Paul Smith's final ruling states that Kennedy will not serve any prison time. Despite facing a potential sentence of 9 months for dangerous operation of a vehicle and a common assault charge, her punishment has been suspended.

As a result, Kennedy has been ordered to pay fines amounting to $5000 to each of the victims. It is worth noting that Kennedy's former spouse and the mistress in question are now in a relationship.
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