Black Woman will no Longer Rent to American Black People... Says they Ruin Everything

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Description: "Disrespectful, entitled, unappreciative"

Controversy has erupted around a video by the owner of Rustic Mountain Living, a Jamaican cottage rental business. The woman says she will no longer allow short-term rentals for black Americans.
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15 +1 -1 Monsterfrank 1 week ago

«Its true I rented a house to a couple they left trash everywhere KFC bags everywhere watermelon seeds everywhere grape soda cans Newport box's fake hair extensions left a old beat up Cadillac with to spares on it we are till cleaning up from these people»

20 +1 -1 johnmcclane64 2 weeks ago

«Unlike the US, it is probably perfectly legal to discriminate against groups known to cause trouble and/or damage. As well it should be. I wouldn't rent to them either.»

23 +1 -1 Nathan_Arizona 2 weeks ago

«Blamericans are the absolute WORST.»

38 +1 -1 faveladarbunch 2 weeks ago

«And because she's black, no race hustlers can call it racist. good for her»

4 +1 -1 HadEnuff 2 weeks ago

«This should get interesting»