Moronic TikTok Challenge Leaves Young Girl Paralyzed

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The milk crate challenge left her paralyzed
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3 +1 carl44acq 4 months ago

«Another lifetime recipient of SSI on the taxpayer's dime. Way to go Shaniqufa!»

0 +1 carl44acq 6 months ago


-1 +1 Monsterfrank 6 months ago

«She will just live of the government»

13 +1 GentlemanDC 6 months ago

«Yeah, pick her up. Shake her a little. See if the spine scrapes itself.»

4 +1 Watchywatcherson7 6 months ago

«I know he was trying to help, but yanking her up probably added insult to injury.»

8 +1 Nathan_Arizona 6 months ago

«Dumb motherfuckers. Glad she can't walk now.»

27 +1 KevinSprout 6 months ago

«Natural Selection at work»

7 +1 carl44acq 6 months ago