Father of 4 Pleads For Help On Facebook Live Before Dying in Construction Fire!

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A construction worker whose family says he pleaded for help on Facebook Live before he died in a construction site fire in Charlotte, North Carolina, is one of two bodies authorities recovered Friday, officials said. Two construction workers had been unaccounted for following the deadly blaze Thursday at a multistory building that appeared to be under construction. Firefighters had tried to reach the two workers but were faced with the challenges of limited visibility, Charlotte Fire Chief Reginald Johnson said during a news conference Friday.

Crews tried to follow their sound but were unable to locate them, prompting the involvement of another company to help escort them out, he said. One of the workers was identified as Demonte Sherrill, according to Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles. His family said he was a hard worker, a loving father and a family man. I want Mr. Sherrills family to know that we grieve with you especially Mr. Sherrills children, Lyles said. Officials did not release the name of the other victim. To the loved ones of the second individual, please know that our community, or city, stands with you, Lyles added. The bodies have been transported to the medical examiners office, which will make official identifications, according to Johnson. Sherrill, a father of four, yelled for help as his family members witnessed his final moments, they told CNN affiliate WSOC. Family members talk with WSOC TV about Demonte Sherrill, who they said died in the fire. WSOC Sherrills mother, Onita Sherrill, told the station she watched her sons life end on a Facebook Live, with him pleading for help and praying he would find a safe space. I was hoping but just from the (Facebook Live), and the way the room filled up with smoke, I didnt see it being any hope at that time, she said. His father, Terry Campbell, said his sons boss told him Sherril did not make it out alive, the station reported.
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6 +1 michealjordan96 5 months ago

«Fuckin retard....instead of face book live, your dumb ass should have been looking to see/figure out how to scale down that god damn building with anything you could find around you. Clutch a beam and hold on like you life depended on it and make your way down. Rip out the fucking electrical, tie it to something and scale down. use the building wrap or wrap from material, tie it off and scale down,...find some god damn fall protection and utilize the lanyard and rope inside to scale down....NOT BE ON FUCKING FACEBOOK YOU FUCKTARD IDIOT!!!!!!!»

-5 +1 trtfvgybuhji 6 months ago

«would it be possible to track them by cell phone where he asked for help???»

13 +1 Nathan_Arizona 6 months ago

«Shoulda called the AmberLamps.»

11 +1 arvisosbabygirl@gmail.com 6 months ago

«Why didn’t he call 911?»

15 +1 cyberfuck556 6 months ago

«thats fucked up man and sad, father of 4 shouldnt die at all. man rest in peace boss»