THE SHINNING: Man Breaks Down His Terrified Roommate's Door With a Pickaxe!

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Description: It's the stuff nightmares are made of. A rampaging man crashes a car into a Lake Forest home before smashing his way into a house he shares with roommates, grabbing a pickaxe, and chopping his way into a terrified roommate's bedroom. The chilling scene like something out of a horror movie. Eyewitness News with the faceoff after police confront the pickaxe-wielding madman.
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Tags: Crazy horror ax
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-1 +1 -1 Elmondo 1 week ago

«All because he didn't use coasters.»

2 +1 -1 cyberfuck556 1 week ago

«"wassup fool" while ponting a gun at him.i really hope the guy had a gun as he said wassup fool. crazy psychotic bastard needs to be locked up»

0 +1 -1 Phoenix82 2 weeks ago