"The Great Equalizer" Small Woman Defeats Large Man with One Squeeze

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Description: Protect your right to carry a gun
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«It's a guy shooting - there's only male voices in the argument - and the black man is so angry because the shooter had offered his young daughter, drugs:-

"Uh.. did you ask her does she need weed?"
"OK, don't you EVER ask my child ....." [Followed by a back and forth, "Don't EVER sell her motherf*ckin weed, she don't look....", a punching, and a shooting].

It's probably worth mentioning that your hero drug-dealer with a gun, shot so wildly that, even point blank, he managed to shoot the black man right next to him, and a woman sitting in that dark red car, who seemed nothing to do with it - but, hey, the one with the gun is always the hero - right?

Talking about, "Justice this and that"..... Carry on.

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«Good Girl!»

-14 +1 -1 bluwahffle 2 weeks ago

«She could have retreated. She'll go to prison.»