Another Bizarre Spin Collapse Caught on Camera (Died Suddenly)

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Description: Another instance of the bizarre spin-collapse was captured on a security camera earlier this year.

Collapses like this were completely non-existent before 2021.

What is causing people to do this?
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4 +1 -1 Onyx2015 1 week ago

«The Jab doing what it was intended to do!»

0 +1 -1 johnmcclane64 2 weeks ago

«LOL. That ain't epilipsy sweetie.»

-5 +1 -1 Nathan_Arizona 2 weeks ago

«I love me some Jab Porn.»

-9 +1 -1 MissMuffet 2 weeks ago

«What're you, new? Ever heard of epilepsy? It's way more common than you think.»