Truck Driver Buries Himself Alive in Freak Accident

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Description: Buried himself in his own grave when he backed up too fast and slammed into the hill, tossing him out of the cab and getting the entire truckload poured ontop of him.
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3 +1 -1 cyberfuck556 2 weeks ago

«bye bye fucking retard lmao»

6 +1 -1 MattsAss 2 weeks ago

«He’s going to be fine. That load spread out, and most of it didn’t even fall. That operator made a good save.»

9 +1 -1 Nutmeg50 2 weeks ago

«Buried himself alive. The hell's wrong with your eyeballs!!! What are you watching it on....a flip phone?? He was 20 feet away from where all that dirt settled on the side. TWAT!»