STRONG WARNING: Mass Shooter Shot Dead at Texas Mall After He Killed 8, Injured 7

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Description: Eight people are dead and at least seven others are injured after a mass shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets Saturday afternoon, according to police officials.

Allen Fire Chief Jonathan Boyd confirmed at about 9 p.m. Saturday that the gunman killed six people at the mall and injured at least nine others. Of the nine who were hospitalized, two later died bringing the total number of people killed to nine, including the gunman.

The seven known survivors being treated include three patients who are critical and four who are stable. Medical City Healthcare told NBC 5 they were providing trauma care to shooting victims who ranged in age from 5 years old to 61 years old.

Boyd cautioned that there could be additional victims who were injured in the shooting and who were taken to hospitals in other ways.

A video uploaded to social media reportedly shows the shooter, dead in a pool of blood outside a Fatburger. It is not yet clear whether he shot himself or was taken out by the huge police presence who swarmed the mall soon after the shooting began.
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«where the rifle is positioned, and evident trauma it looks like he ate the barrel to escape justice.»

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«Well, did he cum or what?»

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«Now there's a one way ticket to hell. He'll be in hell, in that position for all eternity, with every demon, rat, maggot bug, unknown entity tearing at his entrails, his body, burning it torturing it, only to have it grow back again to do it all over again. Forever. And he won't be able to move. Sick. Perpetual remorse. Anger. Unable to breathe, stink, and the pains unbearable knowing it will never end. Forever.»