Transgender Shows Off Gun as a Warning to Transphobes!

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Description: Lol....
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0 +1 -1 Segdirb1 2 weeks ago

«Look like a jacked up version of Stan Laurel! LMAO!»

1 +1 -1 Hangthatfucker 1 month ago

«Hopefully her balls are bigger than her tits»

7 +1 -1 Nathan_Arizona 1 month ago

«Time to start mowing down these tranny freaks.»

2 +1 -1 maxim500 1 month ago

«Sick trans loves guns ….wait for it!»

4 +1 -1 Nowoke 2 months ago

«Of course the right to bear arms means personal protection. But I'm not sure that people hate this individual as much as this individual likes to believe. Then again people can be really really shitty. Then again this is a threat and is incredibly stupid to do»

4 +1 -1 Doomeclip 2 months ago

«Oh great another school shooting in the making. but we gotta have our guns. as an american i have the right to bear arms etc, oh fuck my son just got murdered in a school shooting i want the law to change. Why did you let people be able to buy guns etc booo hooo hoooo»

1 +1 -1 Segdirb1 2 months ago

«LOL - Y'all look! SMDH! Is this person serious??? LOL»

4 +1 -1 kryptor 2 months ago

«Domestic terrorist, if ever there was one.»

33 +1 -1 wickedasitseems 2 months ago

«Now put it in your mouth and pull the trigger!»

16 +1 -1 Yourgh0stisagift 2 months ago


9 +1 -1 the-only-truth 2 months ago


37 +1 -1 Katzgrave 2 months ago

«:D cool! now shoot yourself»

36 +1 -1 LouSaneous 2 months ago

«looked like Howard Stern's fraternal sister»