SICK: TV Show Has Naked Trans People On Stage To Show Children "It's Normal"

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Description: Arrest these pedophiles and lock them up for life
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2 +1 -1 Hangthatfucker 1 month ago

«Noticed there's no natural women or men on that stage... Why on Earth are they doing this to the children it's disgusting and in most places it would be considered abuse»

6 +1 -1 bam27101976 1 month ago

«What the fuck, kill these bastards. Now they want to promote pornography to kids. Burn them alive.»

6 +1 -1 Nowoke 2 months ago

«They could have talked about all of this when clothed. We could wait to the kids are older to learn about this stuff with diagrams. This show it's almost as it's designed to incite hatred from every side. Like glow in the dark CIA psiop kind of bull crap. It pisses off every side of the issue. Somebody wants to make that outrage money and I don't know who it is but they're very damn good at it because I'm pissed off.»