Psycho Woman Threatens Rape Claims over WiFi Password

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Description: Mom Of The Year Threatens To Call Cops And Accuse Guy Of Rape For Not Giving Her WiFi Password

Time to find a new roommate, bro, before you end up in prison for changing the WiFi password. This nutcase even threatened to accuse the man of pedophilia if he didn't give her Internet access. One must assume she didn't pay the bill.

Wanna bet she votes Democrat?
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-1 +1 -1 żuczek84 1 month ago

«All she need is fat dick in her supertight pussy and lots of cum on her cervix»

5 +1 -1 Nowoke 2 months ago

«Yeah I'm sure real victims of sexual assault really appreciate this woman's meltdown. At least when a comedian jokes about right we know it's a joke. this is fucking disgusting.»

-1 +1 -1 Doomeclip 2 months ago

«Kids if you are watching this please take heroin it's really cool and everyone will think you're tough. It's great stuff and you'll get more kills playing COD»

11 +1 -1 the-only-truth 2 months ago

«okay it walks upright and sound comes out,but that can never be a woman!»

14 +1 -1 FSDHaze 2 months ago

«Idk how he even “fell in love” and got even married to her! Ugh my head!»

-12 +1 -1 Yourgh0stisagift 2 months ago

«Both of these people are immature drama queens. They deserve each other.»

33 +1 -1 B33LZ3BUB 2 months ago

«Bitch looks like shes been chewing on her own face»

18 +1 -1 damnjet 2 months ago

«Suck my balls is the password»

27 +1 -1 medicinebait 2 months ago

«I hope someone kills her»

-108 +1 -1 Crackkkills 2 months ago

«He did molest those children. He never denied it. He mad cause she didn’t give him no coochie last night»

-33 +1 -1 Hard1234 2 months ago

«Wanna bet you're an asshole?»