Woman Calls The Cops Because Her Big Mac Didn't Have Extra Cheese

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Description: Butler Township Police Department in Ohio released Jan. 16 footage showing 2 officers confronting Latinka Hancock in the McDonald’s parking lot, before an officer punches her three times.

“She refused to take my dollar to give me 30 cents after I paid for extra cheese,” Hancock tells the officers about a disagreement with McDonald’s employees, which prompted the workers to call the police in Dayton, Ohio.

Sgt. Todd Stanley and officer Tim Zellers ask for her name to issue a trespass notice. Hancock initially refuses to provide any identifying information. “If you don’t stop, you’re going to end up going to jail,” Zellers warns her.

The situation quickly escalates and the footage shows both officers grabbing Hancock, and Zellers pulling out his taser. Hancock continues to argue and Stanley strikes her. Hancock was hit three times, sustained injuries, and spent a night in a hospital, her attorney, Michael Wright of the Wright and Schulte law firm, previously told Storyful.

An investigation had been launched into the conduct of both officers, the department says. Stanley, the police officer who struck Hancock, was placed on paid leave.
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0 +1 -1 Baruchshai89 1 week ago

«All that over a slice of cheese.»

-8 +1 -1 the-only-truth 2 months ago

«:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D only in the usa»

20 +1 -1 shules53532@yahoo.com 2 months ago

«With all do respect to the officer that commented, I disagree strongly with your position. This woman called the cops over a $.30 piece of fucking cheese. Anyone reading this ever called the cops because they got your order wrong at the drive through? I thought not! That isn't a good use of police resources! So now you've got 2 cops dealing with a nonsense, bullshit issue for 15 fucking minutes that they don't want to be dealing with. The issue is further compounded by the uppityness of this woman in her dealing with the cops. If failure to identify is a crime, then it's a crime, period, end of story. People that don't identify themselves frequently choose not to do so because of warrants and the like that nay be associated with there names. What she should have done simply to appease the officers for their wasted time was to give them her info and be done with it. But no, she's gotta fuss and then it goes to a really negative , blown out of proportion place. And then, when things go really sideways, she's all ready to cooperate. Sorry dumbass, but that time had passed. And the cops gave her several opportunities to do the right thing and provide her information and each time she failed to do so. The situation then reached a point where the cops said, enough, you're out of fourth chances, time for jail. I personally have so much empathy for cops because they have to deal with shit like this so often while simply doing their jobs. There are definitely bad cops out there that need to rooted out, but the vast majority are solid professionals doing a largely thankless job. I believe this woman won a substantial suit for the blows she took, but damn, after seeing the way she related to those cops I understand why it happened.»

-12 +1 -1 chrisburrous69@gmail.com 2 months ago

«27 years in law enforcement and I've never seen a worse case. If as a police officer you can't make a decision about what is just, you don't need to be a cop. Don't be a robot, failure to identifier yourself is a bullshit crime. There was no trespass in this case because she left when she was told to leave.»

18 +1 -1 .Emvee. 2 months ago

«She's probably an escaped asylum patient.»

24 +1 -1 carl44acq 2 months ago

«All over her extra slice of cheese!»