Uganda Passes a Bill Making it Illegal to Identify as LGBTQ, Imposes Death Penalty!

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Description: This is really the place that woke goes to die
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13 +1 -1 Maxhardcore69er 1 month ago

«And death penalty, hahaha, love it, well done Uganda..»

-28 +1 -1 Nowoke 2 months ago

«Well this is just fucking disgusting. It's no different than the woke retardation»

41 +1 -1 ZeitgeistTruth 2 months ago

«A law worth its actual salt. You go Uganda. Common sense 100%»

-36 +1 -1 gonegonegone 2 months ago

«Mus Ecweru is probably the biggest faggot in Uganda. I wouldn't doubt if he's sucked more dicks than there are dicks in that room.»

67 +1 -1 .Emvee. 2 months ago

«Ironic that a leader from a poor country has more common sense than America. :D»

44 +1 -1 FuckTheUSALGBTQ 2 months ago

«Bravo President, will visit Uganda soon. ????»