Skatepark Karen Tries to Hit Skater, Ends Up Failing Badly

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Description: Kids skating at a skate park. Even if you don't like skater kids, where is a better place for them to skate?
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2 +1 -1 the-only-truth 4 weeks ago

«Bye Bye Fatty Boombalatty»

1 +1 -1 Hangthatfucker 1 month ago

«This is who is to blame for Biden getting into office-cant read,can't walk a total embarrassment ????»

6 +1 -1 MissMuffet 1 month ago

«What exactly did that tub of lard think she was gonna do? She can barely walk, ffs.»

4 +1 -1 badslabber 2 months ago

«its clear shes retarded ,most likely a biden supporter !»

-10 +1 -1 Ficker 2 months ago

«Racist Trump women are the worst»