Trans Psychos Claim There Will be Genocide if DeSantis Doesn't Allow Child Mutilation

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Description: TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (FLV) – Some members of the public had strong words for lawmakers in opposition of a bill that will ban minors from receiving sex-reassignment prescriptions and procedures during a committee meeting.

A common theme reiterated by public speakers was that they feel lawmakers are committing “trans genocide” and that “many people will die” if the legislation passes.

“Hi I was once a trans youth, and now i’m a happy 22-year-old trans adult student at New College in Florida,” one speaker said, raising what appeared to be a needle.

“This is my healthcare, don’t tread on it,” the speaker said.

The bill will also prohibit state funds from being used for sex-reassignment prescriptions and procedures for adults.
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4 +1 -1 B33LZ3BUB 6 days ago

«This makes my vagina burn.»

15 +1 -1 Parkins 1 week ago

«Fighting for trans rights or did the circus just come in to town? I don't know, im totally lost. Want people to take you seriously and or even bother to listen to what you have say? Look in the mirror and ask if you would take yourself seriously. Clearly some deep rooted mental health issues, that go far beyond gender dysphoria.»

15 +1 -1 FuckTheUSALGBTQ 1 week ago

«LMAO welcome to america