Cam Catches Scumbag Who Just Got out of Prison For Raping Kids Shoot a Woman

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WHEATON, M.d. (FOX 5 DC) - A D.C. man has been arrested and charged following multiple carjackings and shootings in D.C. and Montgomery County on Saturday. The suspect was apprehended by Montgomery County Police 4th District officers in Wheaton.

The suspect, Monteray Horn, 43, boarded a Metro train in Anacostia earlier on Saturday and, armed with a handgun, shot an adult male. The bullet went through the victim’s clothing but did not strike the victim.

When the train stopped, Horn left the Metro and carjacked a vehicle at gunpoint in D.C. He abandoned that vehicle and boarded the Metro train, riding it to the Wheaton Metro stop where, at approximately 11:06 a.m., he attempted to carjack an Audi at the Westfield Wheaton Mall.

Horn pointed the gun at an adult female with two young children and demanded the keys to the Audi. The woman was able to get her children out of the car and run away. Horn entered the Audi and although he had the key, he was not able to start the car.

Horn abandoned the Audi and detectives believe that he tried to carjack a second car, which is reported to be a small red Honda. The driver of that car was able to get away.

He tried to carjack a third car, a BMW, in the parking lot, but the driver sped away. Horn fired into the BMW, shooting out a window. The female driver was not injured.

Horn then approached a woman in a Hyundai Tucson and attempted to open the door of the Hyundai. The adult female was able to drive away without injury.

Horn ran across the parking lot where he tried to carjack a fifth vehicle on Ring Road. Horn, fired at the adult female, shooting her in the face. Unable to steal her Honda Civic, Horn ran away.

Officers tracked Horn to a residential area in the 2900 block of Faulkner Place. Horn attempted to force his way into a house by smashing a window with the butt of his gun. Officers arrived and Horn was taken into custody without incident at approximately 11:15 a.m.

A .40 caliber handgun was located at the scene.

The driver of the Honda was transported to an area hospital where she underwent surgery. She is listed in serious, but stable condition.

Detectives are asking for the driver of the second attempted carjacking or any other witnesses to contact the Major Crimes Division at 240-773-5070.

Horn was arrested and charged with multiple counts of carjacking, attempted second-degree murder, use of a firearm in the commission of a crime, felony possession of a gun and home invasion.

Horn had recently been released from federal prison after serving 17 years for sexual assault of a child.

He is being held at the Montgomery County Central Processing Unit without bond.
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2 +1 memphis_MU 11 months ago

«part of me wonders if that was his way of going back to prison cuz he liked it better there, 17 years would be like 2005ish the world has changed in soooo many ways since then... shit ignoring all the things most ppl might bring up technology being the big one but one thing dude may have never been able to grasp even with new ppl coming into the feds and telling him/others what its like, they probably wouldnt think to tell dude how different we are as a society from 2005 to 2023, we communicate differently, we are much more divided, everything is "racist" now, just think about the 3-4 years he was living life 2000-2005, ppl partied different, ppl didnt have their faces in screens, ppl still talked to you for no reason but to chat, theres 9/11 which brought everyone together and then dude goes to feds and comes out and i bet the hood he went back to was NOTHING like what he was expecting... no one knew him when i bet he may have been something back then, i know he SAd a child but for all we know that could be a teenager and he couldve been like 20, still fucked up but not the worst thing in the world but 17 in the feds makes me think yeah probably was... maybe ppl knew what happened even still and now he has nothing but chaos of the world moved on and the only ones he expected to relte to in the hood have either moved on or treat him like pedo... i bet its damn near immpossible to make friends being locked up 17 years with all those changes and the first thing ppl or girls gonna ask you like where do you llve, work, do etc... that will all end up coming to yeah i was in prison for what misunderstanding what happen well i fucked this kid, okayyyyyy im gonna go to bathroom and dip tf outta there LOL...

i get maybe he was trying to go back but FR theres 10 less violent ways to do that shit, i mean fuck go rob some banks you dont even need the gun and he couldve ended up w like 10-15 years OR 10-15k and now he got a gun too, shit dude couldve flipped that money into some dope and started selling drugs... made his way down to some other place and hit random banks along the way make you like 5k per bank now you at like easy 30-50k if you hit a lick on one.

something else like WTF is going on that police dont already have cops zigzaging some patterned area after he shot the guy on metro, i mean hes on foot, then car and back into metro... i been to DC while theres not cops all over and even into the metro its more the metro workers and metro cops, but its not like japan with 234040 trains running all the time you litteraly gotta get lucky to catch all the stops in succesion most of time you just posted up waiting... ANDDDD if dude hopped turnstill which its not hard but you have to be lucky theres no one there and still they got cameras everywhere so even if you hop over clean, they can nab you while you wait for the next metro... he went on a wild ass carjacking spree to like damn shot girl in the face cuz she didnt give it to him... notce too when hes walking up to the door to knock, theres a fucking cop car right there passing him... MAYBE they caught glimpse and turned around but they werent speeding fast to come back they just creeping up there so to me they didnt notice him but were circleing around to block off routes he may have taken and if dude got in house i bet they wouldve drove right by cuz they did the first time and now its no one there so he obv was inside which means not the bad guy... i guess he panicked knowing cops would see him there knocking but if i was dude i wouldve knocked twice and ran around the back as soon as cop made it past the 1st time and just hid cuz what they gonna do come running into someone property when they didnt even consider it before?