Crazy Dude Kicks In Door Only To Find Out It's The Wrong Apartment

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Description: This raging bull of a man kicks in the door of an apartment ready to beat some ass only to find out it's the wrong apartment.

The raging man quickly calms down and becomes apologetic, even offering 200 dollars cash for a new door. The tenant is clearly crapping himself.
Categories: Crime & Lawlessness
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6 +1 -1 Maxhardcore69er 2 months ago

«I would of taken the money at least.»

7 +1 -1 Hangthatfucker 2 months ago

«Dumbass should have at least took the money to get a new door»

2 +1 -1 Shootsteel 3 months ago

«There you have proof positive that women speak too much»