Psycho Road Rager Punches Woman Straight Through Window In Front of Her Boyfriend

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Description: That dude would be dead if it was me in that car
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0 +1 -1 moeaahmed5 2 days ago

«The description is wrong. He doesn’t punch her at all. He punches the window, and the boyfriend is driving.»

0 +1 -1 LouSaneous 1 month ago

«stupid broad. More stupid BF»

2 +1 -1 DistortedPyro 2 months ago

«Das crayzeeey»

4 +1 -1 DistortedPyro 2 months ago

«That punch was powered by hemi»

-1 +1 -1 Hangthatfucker 2 months ago

«So it's a guy driving,and his ghetto girl in the passenger seat»

18 +1 -1 Maxhardcore69er 3 months ago

«She doesn't have a bf she got a gf.»

0 +1 -1 Shootsteel 3 months ago

«He is crazy!:angel:»

13 +1 -1 ZeitgeistTruth 3 months ago

«Agree with the description. I'd have asked him to step away from the vehicle and the second the fist came through. POP POP POP!»