SAD: Two of Four Americans Found Dead after Being Kidnapped in Mexico

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Description: In the case of the four abducted Americans. They have been identified and two were found dead.

The four were reportedly on a trip for one of the friends to get a tummy tuck. They have been identified as Latavia “Tay” McGee, Shaeed Woodard, Zindell Brown and Eric James Williams.

The video above shows the incident when Americans were kidnapped shortly after getting to Mexico. Authorities believe the group were taken by mistake. The video shows the violence of the situation playing out as armed men in body armor pulling a woman into the bed of a white pickup truck while dragging another person across the pavement, then dragging two additional guys who look to be injured across the same street and putting them in the bed of the same truck.

According to Fox News, one of the women said “I entered a state of shock, nobody honked their horn, nobody moved. Everybody must have been thinking the same thing, ‘If we move they will see us, or they might shoot us.”

It is not confirmed which two members of the group passed.The FBI announced a $50,000 reward for information to help return the victims and arrest the parties involved
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