Argument Over Speeding Down Street Leads to Shooting in California

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South Valley ABQ - Newly released video footage obtained by ABQRAW from a Bernalillo County Sheriff's records request shows what happened during a homicide scene in the south valley of ABQ.

On August 29, 2022 Joseph Gonzales 44 of ABQ was arrested and charged with first degree murder in a road rage shooting which happened in front of his home on ValVerde SW. Joseph is the brother of Fabian Gonzales who was found guilty in the horrible Victoria Martens case. Fabian is set to be sentenced in late October.

Gonzales is seen on video yell at a driver who allegedly sped by Gonzale's home. The driver Abner Antillon, 35 also of ABQ hears Gonzales yell at him and he can be seen backing up and stopping in front of the home. A verbal exchange between Joseph and the other driver is heard.

After a short verbal exchange, Joseph can be seen shooting the victim several times in the back. Joseph then yells at the body, and he then proceeds to rifle through the now deceased Antillon's Scout. Joseph can then be seen driving into his property and casually parking his truck in his yard. Eventually, Joseph calls 911 and he tells 911 that he shot someone dead and was defending himself.
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