Hot Police Officer Fires Back at Man Who Was Hiding Under Mattress with a Gun.

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MCLOUD, Okla. - Oklahoma City police released the terrifying moments caught on camera as three officers were ambushed with gunfire earlier this month near McLoud. The wanted burglary suspect did not survive the shootout and one officer was injured.
Oklahoma City police were sent to a rural address near SE 134th and Harrah Road to search for 38-year-old Timothy Johnson, who also went by the alias Sammy. The three officers turned on their body cameras as they searched the property.

Officer: “Sammy this is the police department. If you’re in here, you need to make yourself known.”

Police said Johnson was wanted for burglary out of Lincoln County, Missouri. The officers were given permission to search a trailer Johnson was seen running into.

Officer: “Is that a bag or it that a vest? Oh, it’s a vest.”

After searching several areas of the trailer, they looked under a bed mattress. Much to their surprise and shock, the officers found themselves only inches from the end of Johnson’s gun. The suspect immediately opened fire on the officers as they lifted the mattress. The officers fired back and retreated.

Officer: “Shots fired; shots fired!:

The officers went back and commanded the armed man out of the trailer. Johnson was hit and could be heard moaning in pain but opened fired on police again. One of the officers was hit in the face with shrapnel.

Officer: “We’re stuck inside the trailer. I’m hit in the face.”

The department's Tactical Team was called out following the second shootout. After hours at the scene with drones and robots and no response from Johnson, the tactical team went in the trailer. They found the suspect deceased inside the trailer.

The three officers involved in the shooting remain on routine administrative leave. The injured officer was treated and released from the hospital the day of the shooting.
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