Black Karen Goes on Racist Rant After Being Asked For Her Insurance After Fender Bender

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Description: After a minor vehicle collision, a black woman yells racist remarks at the White male driver of the other vehicle after he asked her for her insurance info.

“Do you have insurance? Dirty-ass White trash! Can you have insurance? The f*ck. White trash.”
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0 +1 -1 LouSaneous 2 weeks ago

«A) She has no insurance
B) Just call the police and report her vehicle, plate # and location
C) the video is gonna hurt her in court.
= easy peasey

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4 +1 -1 Rick Rude 2 months ago

«Spoiler alert: she has no insurance.»

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7 +1 -1 Anonymous 2 months ago

«You will never see this on YouTube.»