Rapper Charleston White Pulls Gun , Threatens to Shoot Interviewer for Bad Questions.

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Description: Charleston White is known for his controversial interviews. His antics reached new heights during his sit down with Chicago’s DJ U Go Crazy. In the interview, White continued to diss late Chi-Town rappers King Von and FBG Duck. Things took a turn when DJ U chimed in to check White on his raw commentary about the slain rappers.

But the Youtube comedian wasn’t pleased. White pulled a gun on the host while asking for his money back. “B*tch, give me back the money then, h*e, Charleston yelled. “I ain’t have to help not one of you. My momma ain’t gotta bunch of kids that died. B*tch, I hope y’all h*es bury y’all babies. F**k y’all pain, b*tch. Give me back my godd*amn money, h*e. Or suck my d*ck b*tch.”