BREAKING-Manager At Chesapeake Walmart Opens Fire, Kills Up To 10

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Up to 10 people have been killed at a Walmart store in Chesapeake, Virginia, after a gunman - believed to be a manager - opened fire inside just days before Thanksgiving.

According to those at the scene, one of the managers entered the break room and started shooting at those inside the Sam's Circle Walmart, located just off Battlefield Boulevard, at around 10.10pm on Tuesday night.

Police said the gunman is dead and that they found multiple people both injured and dead when they arrived at the scene. One person was discovered dead outside beside the store's entrance.

The exact number of victims is not yet clear, but a Chesapeake Police Department spokesperson said that no more than 10 people have died in the mass shooting. All injured have been transported to hospitals in the area.

Five patients were being treated for injuries at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, the area's top trauma center, a spokesperson confirmed.

There are also a number of people believed to be seriously hurt as over 40 emergency service vehicles swooped to the Walmart supercenter on Tuesday night.

One Walmart employee, standing outside the store after the horrific attack, revealed on social media: 'It was the manager. One of the managers.'

Referring to the gunman, the shaken staff member added: 'He blew his brains out and everything. He killed the girl in there and everything. He came in and started spraying. I'm sorry for the victims.

'I just left the break room, the manager come in there and started capping people up in there, started shooting. Sadly we lost a few of our associates.'
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