Woke Vegan Soccer Fans Forced to Take off Gay Rainbow Clothing to Enter Qatar For World Cup

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Wales fans attending their first match against the USA in Qatar tonight were confronted by security for wearing rainbow bucket hats.

Fans arriving at the Ahmed Bin Ali stadium told us that they were ordered to remove their hats or face not being allowed in to watch Wales’ historic first World Cup kick-off since 1958.

The hats in question are versions of the iconic Welsh football symbol, designed by LGBT+ football organisation The Rainbow Wall to promote inclusion and equality in the sport.

The news comes just hours after European football associations were told that players wearing ‘One Love’ armbands during matches could be penalised with yellow cards for doing so.

Laura McAllister - a former Wales national football captain herself - told ITV News that she was stopped by security guards who claimed that her hat was “a banned symbol”.
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10 +1 LouSaneous 10 months ago

«Umm Islamic countries aren't woke. In fact being gay is a crime and the punishment is DEATH. So take off your hat and rainbow shit and be glad you're not blindfolded and pushed off the tallest structure in town and stoned once you fall onto the ground below. The other way is death by fire. When in Rome.....»

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21 +1 Dragondeeznuts 12 months ago

«Get that gay shit outa here!. Lol»

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7 +1 Leftists4Dead 12 months ago

«They love to preach about diveesity and respecting people's culture until it's something they don't like ????»

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18 +1 Leftists4Dead 12 months ago

«Look at the way the virtue signaling loser keeps glancing over at the camera like "Make sure you're getting this so I can post it on twitter and snapchat!"»

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8 +1 my name is nobody 12 months ago

«why do these dump fucks try this they know they dont like gay,s i guess they want to start problems i say cut their head off»

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3 +1 Why? 12 months ago

«Where is the global outrage, mass protests in the streets and canceling of advertising? Why did these folks attend (financially support) an event that goes against their values?»

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12 +1 Will 12 months ago

«They’re not having western symbols that challenge the country’s revulsion of lifestyles that are unacceptable to their values. Period!»