DISGUSTING: Spain's Ministry of Equality Says Children Should be Allowed to Have Sex with Adults

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Description: <p>Shock in Spain. Minister Montero says that “children have a right to sex as long as they consent”. It is the natural outcome of the hypersexualization of children that began with the sexual revolution. No comment from the Left and the EU of course is too busy giving pro-life Hungary lessons in democracy "Children should have the right to have sexual relations with whomever they want, as long as they consent". This unprecedented aberration of the legitimisation of paedophilia was enacted in the Spanish Parliament recently. But what is even more disconcerting is that it is a minister of the current government to make the pronouncement: Irene Montero, the minister for Igualdad (Equal Opportunities Ministry) of the government led by the socialist Sanchez formed by the PSOE and Podemos coalition. It happened on 21 September during a hearing in the House during the debate on the pro-trans and abortion law. Until now, the topic of the legitimisation of paedophilia at the political level has always been taboo, with the exception of the Dutch paedophile party, which was later dissolved. But the words of Montero, a loyalist to the most radical left, mark, so to speak, are a step forward towards the abyss of state paedophilia..</p>
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«Bueno ahora si apoyo a elle jaja si hay pelito no hay delito»

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«Holy shit, your reading comprehension is non-existent. Does it ever both you to know that you have to make shit up in order to construct your degenerate narrative?»