Veteran Arrested For

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Description: <p>A British Army veteran gets arrested by UK police after posting an anti-woke, LGBTQ critical image to Facebook. One of the officers actually says that someone's taken offense to one of his posts. The police officer calls the veteran homophobic because he doesn't tow the LGBTQ line.</p>
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1 +1 Money mike 9 months ago

«I don't feel as special here in the states if the uk also has freedom of speech ????»

2 +1 PriestForLongerWangs 1 year ago

«Disgraceful. Meanwhile pedos run around without fear. »

1 +1 DrHaziHawass 1 year ago

«I don’t understand in the 21st century a peoples that regards themselves educated still have a monarch, specially an old demented woman who in reality is an usurper if you trace back her lineage to the 1480s. Don’t get me started on the King of Thailand.»

2 +1 LordTorquemada 1 year ago

«OMG, somebody said something bad on the interwebz CALL THE POLICE. Yeah forget all those hardened criminals raping and murdering their days away, let's concentrate our resources on these heinous social posts.»

1 +1 Rickey 1 year ago

«Why would anyone have a Facebook account specially with your real info & details???»