Kid Accidentally Shoots His Friend While Making TikTok

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Description: <p>Kid Accidentally Shoots His Friend While Making TikTok</p>
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4 +1 Yourgh0stisagift 7 months ago

«he shoots his friend in the throat then drops him on the ground and shrugs like he didn’t know what guns do. Why couldn’t the cashier just shoot the kid and thin the idiot herd a little bit for us.»

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0 +1 frenchsenior 11 months ago

«ulalala french senior»

0 +1 ejbr 1 year ago

«Good aim?»

0 +1 LordTorquemada 1 year ago

«Should have accidently shot him twice.»

3 +1 Xieqter 1 year ago

«Did they just turned the lights off & laid him down? »