KARMA: Jewelry Robbery Goes Badly Wrong In Dominican Republic

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Description: <p>https://robertocavada.com/nacionales/2022/06/03/video-matan-un-atracador-y-hieren-a-otro-en-intento-de-asalto-en-joyeria-de-la-independencia/</p>
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0 +1 spygate 7 months ago

«Looks like the 3rd accomplish is going to join the fun, but as he sees her friends down, decides to run for his life.»

0 +1 Wretched1 1 year ago

«why he no run? also the way he was holding that gun i thought he was gonna shoot himself in the back of the head»

0 +1 Malparido69 1 year ago

«Good video. Tx»