New York Police Release Video Of Man Pushing Woman Onto Subway Tracks

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Description: <p>A video released by the New York Police Department (NYPD) has shocked the internet users. It shows a man pushing a woman onto railway tracks at a subway station in the city.</p>

<p>The video shows an unidentified man wearing a white vest along with a backwards baseball cap, walking up to a woman, grabbing her with both of his hands and throwing her off the ledge onto the subway tracks. The woman, who is 52 years old, hit the pavement of the platform before falling down. The attack took place at 4:45 pm local time.</p>

<p>Several bystanders rushed to aid the woman, helping her get off the track and aiding her in getting up. Luckily no train was approaching when she was pushed onto the tracks. The police confirmed that the woman's injuries were not serious and that she suffered cuts to her head and arm.</p>

<p>The suspect is still at large while the NYPD has offered up to $3,500  to anyone who can give any information on the whereabouts of the man.</p>
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1 +1 -1 Batugan 3 months ago

«As a punishment, tie him in rail tracks.»

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1 +1 -1 LouSaneous 6 months ago

«She probably put him in his place. He didn't like it. Since when were undershirts socially acceptable in public? No class. »

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1 +1 -1 jhero 7 months ago

«wearing a white vest along with a backwards baseball cap, go figure»

-1 +1 -1 Numiah 7 months ago

«What is the fun if there's no train coming? What a moron.»

1 +1 -1 medfoto 7 months ago

«Are "wife beaters" now referred to as "white vests?"»