Death Of a Passenger Who Got Off a Running Express at Kalyan Railway Station

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Description: <p>A passenger who was alighting from a running express at Kalyan railway station fell on the tracks directly from the platform and died on the spot. The incident happened on Thursday afternoon.</p>

<p>The deceased was identified as Deep Bhangale (45). He was coming to Bhusawal on Thursday morning by express to Kalyan. He was sitting in the non-stop express to Kalyan. Pradeep thought that the express would stop when he reached Kalyan railway station, then he would get off. When he noticed that the express was not stopping at Kalyan station, he jumped out of the running locomotive and onto the platform. As a result, the train derailed and fell on the tracks. Kalyan Lohmarg police took his body into custody.</p>

<p>Pradeep used to work as a contractor in Kalyan Dombivali Municipality. Senior Police Inspector Valmik Shardul of Lohmarg Police Station has appealed to passengers not to get on or off the express train.</p>
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