Man Punches Elderly Asian Woman 125 Times In Hate Crime Attack

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Description: <p>A man from Yonkers, New York, has been arrested and charged with hate crime among other charges for allegedly assaulting a 67-year-old woman of Asian descent by hitting her more than 125 times, stomping on her seven times, spitting on her and calling her an “Asian b****”.</p>

<p>Yonkers police identified 42-year-old suspect Tammel Esco on Monday and charged him with attempt to murder and assault for the attack that was caught on surveillance video.</p>

<p>CCTV footage released by Yonkers police showed the suspect followed her into her building and attacked her from behind as she tried to unlock a door to the lobby, knocking her down to the floor.</p>

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«<i class="quote">„@Fucktherichbastards: Somethings mentally wrong with that dude ”</i>He's a gentle giant who did not do nothing.»

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«They're wonderful people.»